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Re-recorded version of our demo "useless.avi." Recorded, mixed, mastered by Kyle Atkins at Greyskull Studios. Special thanks to Kyle Atkins.


released May 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Crack Addict Richmond, Virginia


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Track Name: Transmission Fluid
the ambulances won't make it in time for you, your impulsive choices and poor decisions prove your lack of worth, "bad choices make good stories" you always say, but excuses don't excuse anything. and now here you are, hanging by a thread, glass and car parts everywhere and the airbag wasn't enough to save you. it's dark out, you're cold, find the gas leak with your lighter.
Track Name: Rune Balot
beaten and thrown around like a ragdoll, i'm like a frenzied rabid animal with the taste for human blood. i can't feel anything anymore. i can't feel anything. fucked. abandoned. lied to. used. - my brain is rattling my brain is rattling MY BRAIN IS RATTLING. - you were a fucking sociopath. i can't die, but you will.
Track Name: Ditch
sick of your negative bullshit, i'm not putting up with it. go cry somewhere else, tell it to someone who cares. hungry for sympathy, you'll never fucking learn. so tell it to someone who cares. starved for attention and endless pity parties, constant, redundant sob stories. it's getting old, and so are you. how can you live with yourself? - you dug yourself in this hole. you can get yourself out, or die in this ditch.
Track Name: Noire, Black Heart
an imbalance that can not be changed. a problem that can not be solved. a disease that can not be cured. and an error that can not be fixed. you can't convince me to give you a chance. nothing helps, not even your useless efforts. your unwarranted self-importance sickens me. you don't matter to me. you never did. i don't need you. i never did. i can't take this anymore. i can't take you anymore. i'm losing my sense of self control, it's a shame you were in the same room as me. - this is what it's like when i lose my mind.
Track Name: Party (featuring Kyle Atkins)
the end of lives is so beautiful to me. it makes me tick to see their hearts stop. don't even try to deny this. because you feel it too, when you see someone die. it's always better when it's not you. my eyes are glued to a screen, and i want to watch someone break. death is watching when the cameras are rolling. i can't lie. it's causing my heart rate to go up. burned in yours and my memories. this is something that'll never come and go. a trend that could never fade. if you wait long enough, it's not crossing the line. oh thank fuck i'm alive. because it's better you than me. my eyes are glued to a screen and i want blood. i want blood. i hope by the end of the day, it happens to you. i'm done waiting for more to see. more fatal injuries, and more dismemberment. by the end of the day, you'll become a statistic. much better you than me. so much better you than me. you look away, lie to yourself when you see it. blinded by the false morals you never had. i wouldn't be able to ignore it. i wouldn't be able to ignore it... --- barely anyone wants to admit it. but there's darkness in all of us. chaos courses through our bloodstreams. but you still wanna lie to yourself and everyone. --- people don't stare at things they wish they could forget.....